Since 1999, we have been providing custom insurance products for residential real estate investors and partnering with select agents. Our clients range from individual property investors to large-scale investors, turnkey operators, lenders, property managers, landlords and rehabbers. We service over 16,000 clients with 65,000 locations across all 50 states.

Why we are different

Hopefully, you’ve never encountered a property disaster or accident that threatened your investments, but the risk is real. Protect yourself and your investments with the right coverage, customized for your unique situation by a team of pros who understand the special needs of investors (because we’re investors too). Here are some differentiators that apply to most products:

Coverage for vacant, renovation, or occupied properties

Coverage for vacant, renovation, or occupied properties

No co-insurance requirement when insuring at $50 per sq. ft.

Include occupied, vacant, and renovation properties on one schedule

Coverage available in all 50 states

Tailored coverage options to fit your specific property investment strategy

Insure multiple LLCs, Trusts, IRAs and corporations under one schedule

Coverages underwritten by AM Best “A” or better rated insurers.

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