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Our Habitational Insurance group offers products to support a wide variety of commercial real estate and habitational needs. Eliminate coverage duplication and overhead costs by working with us to consolidate all of your properties into one policy.

Apartment Building Coverage

We specialize in residential Real Estate and Commercial Property protection and believe in using our experience not just as your Insurance provider, but as your Insurance Partner. We provide insurance solutions in every state across the country.

Work with us to find the right solutions for your apartment complex, condominium association or other mult-family insurance investments today.

The size of your Apartment Building matters when it comes to the types of insurance coverage you will require, and the types of programs that are available. We have a rich network of insurance partners who handle all classes and sizes of complexes, so no matter how small or large your location is, we can work with you to find the right mix of insurance at an affordable rate.

If you have a Multiple-location dwelling, you may benefit from a “loss limit” approach to Property Insurance, rather than a simple “Blanket Limit” approach. Want to hear more… we’d love to talk with you more about this approach and other creative solutions that will help you save on premiums, while ensuring your locations are properly covered.

Condominium Coverage

Condominium Associations require unique Insurance Solutions that cover you for both Property and Liability risk of loss.

Our product offerings include programs that fill the unique requirements of commercial clients with single or multiple rental dwellings, especially Condominium Associations. Our professional Advisors will assist you in finding the right protection for your specific needs.

Directors and officers can be exposed to being sued for various activities managing the association’s business and therefore D&O coverage should be in place to protect these individuals.

Master Policies

If your Condominium Association is an employer, for work such as grounds care or unit maintenance, then we can assist in setting up Employment Practices Liability, or insure it is properly included within your D&O policy.

The common areas that are shared among the association tenants should be covered by a Master Policy owned by the association. These areas include the roof, stairways, elevators and basements. The Master Policy should protect the policyholder from Liability and Physical Property damage. The policy may also cover individual units as they were originally built, and may or may not cover fixtures.

Homeowner Policies

The Board and management of Condominium Associations must understand the scope and coverage of its insurance solutions, and it is important that communication take place with the homeowners within the association, so that they are aware of what is covered and not covered.

It is advisable that the homeowner also continue to carry coverage on their own, separate policy, even where the association policy covers alterations, fixtures or appliances within the individual unit.

Multi Family Dwelling Insurance

Our product offerings include programs that fill the unique requirements of commercial clients with single or multiple rental dwellings, especially Condominium Associations. Multi Dwelling Insurance needs include coverages for owners of 1-4 family housing units, Landlord Insurance and coverages for Habitational Commercial units.

Hotel / Motel Insurance

Insurance is one of the fastest-growing expenses for hotel owners and managers. At the same time, appropriate Property coverage is becoming increasingly more important. We can help you find the right coverage at the right cost.

Insurance solutions for the Hospitality industry provide owners and manager of hotels, motels, spas and resorts with the coverage necessary to protect you from the unique needs of the industry.

If you own or manage a hotel, motel, spa or other building in the Hospitality Industry, you need to be aware of some other key areas of liability that require insurance coverage

Retail Center Coverage

It doesn’t matter if you sell shoes or video games, retail business owners all share common coverage needs. As business owners you need to protect your property and inventory against general liability issues, such as theft, fires or floods. In addition, if you have any type of foot traffic, you will need to be well covered against bodily injury and related liability.

Office Space Insurance

Most small business owners today don’t realize that insurance for their home or small office space is every bit as important to their business as the enterprise business office space is to larger enterprises. And therefore, most small business owners go uninsured… and therefore are open to liability that is common to all business owners.

Many home office users expect their home owner’s policy to cover their home office. But many policies have caps on coverage that go as low as $2,500. For the independent business owner, this just isn’t enough coverage to properly cover the liability risks associated with running a business from the home.

Talk with one of our experienced agents, about how a Business Owner Policy (BOP) or Home Office Policy (HOP) might be appropriate for the specific needs of your business or home office.

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